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Dagmar Rep Today, Here's How

Thank you for your interest in Dagmar jewelry.

We do not have any franchise fee currently, the only cost involved is that of the merchandise, jewelry,catalogs and business cards which are made by our head office in India. There is a min purchase requirement of 20 pcs to avail of the wholesale prices and we will send you an image list with both wholesale as well as retail prices for selection.

What sets us apart from other jewelry companies, is that most of our pcs are set on silver alloy with 22 K gold plating on them and the prices are incredibly affordable. Secondly and more importantly, we change our designs every 3 weeks so there are always new styles every month for your clients to pick from. Dagmar Jewelry Designs are created in house and are done so in keeping with the unique and impeccable brand positioning we garner. All our pcs will come to you tagged and ready to sell, all you need to do is invite your friends and have jewelry events etc. Delivery for pcs in stock is 10-12 days. Your initial investment for 20 pcs will come to roughly $3000 give and take, the cards and catalogs are $100 each for 50 catalogs and 100 business cards. If you would like to get your own cards printed, that's fine with us as well. You also have the ability to rotate a few styles that have trouble selling ( upto a max of 5 styles per shipment). The pricing is done in a way to make the proposition extremely lucrative for our representatives guaranteeing them 70-100% margins on all sales.

We currently have 10 reps throughout the states in different states and are doing extremely well with our brand. We also provide all our reps with media support eg- we were recently featured on TV and various magazine,along with various media publications in Canada and the USA that help to create a buzz around the product. Dagmar Jewelry also currently sells through Major cities in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions and can be reached at 1877-7- DAGMAR (324-627) OR 416-778-7596 and by email -